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Some of you might be wondering where I have been all summer... well I have been putting in a foundation under my house in Vt. Unfortunately, this IS Vermont and rocks are a fact of life... I have 3 sizes of 'noticeable' rocks: porpoises, whales, and leviathans. Porpoises I can dig out and roll into a scoop on my tractor. Whales might be able to be dragged by the tractor, but most likely will be broken in 2 or more pieces. Leviathans are REALLY rocks! Say at least 4ft in one dimension, often 2ft thick or more; one is/was at least 12 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft.... I would be dead in the water without 'feathers and wedges' and a good rock drill. Here is a photo:

My Mom took this photo, which is why I had to wear shorts (breaking rock is dusty work... I have to take a shower afterwards, I prefer to avoid having to wash clothes also). You can see the feathers and wedges in a leviathan.

hugs all!


Culture week-end

I know it has been a while, but I thought it would be worth sharing what this weekend was all about for me.

Thursday I picked up my brother-in-law at Logan.
Friday we (all 3 of us) went into Boston for a BSO matinee with Anne Sophie-Muter with Andre Previn conducting. There was a world premier (second performance, first was thursday) of a violin/double bass concerto that Previn had written.

Saturday L and brother-in-law went into Boston to MFA, then came back in the afternoon. I stayed home for the piano technician to touch up the tuning on Bea (piano...they all have names) before the evening concert. Which we had about 6:30 with an audience of 8 people; it was a performance of cello and piano pieces by our fav pianist and a cellist friend of his; it is a program they will be doing at ashburnham next week-end, I think... really awesome to be so close to the instruments and performers.

Sunday we went into Boston again for another matinee of the Austrailian string orchestra of various works for small orchestra. Interestingly enough, they all stand (except the cellists and harpsicordist). Made for some interesting dynamics between players as the music moved from one section of the orchestra to the next. Then dinner at Legal, now bedtime!

hugs all!


New Vermont Poly Group

I hope this isn't off the purpose of this group, but I wanted to let those interested know that there is a new Yahoo group formed for Vermont polyamorous folks... Seems we are few and far between; the hope is that this Yahoo group will give us a forum to network with each other. The group is Interesting name, you say? Well, if you don't understand the woodchuck reference, then you must be a flatlander! LOL...

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Wednesday morning

Hmm, here it is spring, but we had snow for a bit last night.

Getting set this week-end for a massive 'classic concert' weekend with my wife's brother-in-law. I think we will be going to about 6 concerts, not to mention a few museums, etc.

Then, next wednesday, back to vermont for a bit over a week to work on the penthouse.

first post

Here we are trying out LJ for the first time...

been out powerwashing the moss off the roof and doing some of the north deck...
cold today; the water was freezing as I worked today; glad I got most of the
roof done yesterday!
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